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Dadoo is an online multiplayer snake and ladder game with superpowers and lots of mischief! 

Change the course of the game with various skill cards. Push your enemy to their demise. Set your own trap and give your friend the last laugh. Really, don't be nice while playing this game. 

So, gather your friends and enjoy this chaotic game. Just make sure you stay friends after playing. 


  1. There are snakes.  
  2. There are ladders (Actually, they are cannons in this game). 
  3. There are 20 superpower cards that you can use to trap your enemy!
  4. Oh, each character has their own unique superpower too. 

Build 64 updates:

  1. Decreasing the bot's loading time
  2. Region system
  3. New targeting system
  4. Log-in page (You can continue as guest)
  5. New knockback system. (Now, you can land on the spring)
  6. You can target yourself now (AKA more mischief opportunities)
  7. And many more....

This is a demo game. Please give your feedback on our Discord and social media. 

Discord | Facebook | Twitter | Email


DADOO v0.1.0-build.64-prod.zip 73 MB

Install instructions

1. Extract the DADOO zip.
2. Open DADOO folder.
3. Click DADOO.exe to play the game.

Development log


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nice idea

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Thanks for playing

Actually, our game isn't designed to be played alone. We need to address that XD