DADOO's First Devlog: What Will We Improve?

Heya, welcome to DADOO's first development blog. 

It has been a month since we released the early version of DADOO. We hope you enjoy the game. 

During those four weeks, we got so many bug reports and suggestions. So, in the next update, we’ll address some of them. Of course, we can’t focus on all of them. The ones that we prioritize are game-breaking bugs and suggestions that could enrich the playing experience. 

Here are some things that we addressed in the next update: 

Bug fixes  

This is the top priority. Some of the major bugs that we fixed include: 

  1. The game stopped working when the players played for the second time. 
  2. Screen can be clicked during the loading screen bug. 
  3. Playing alone bug. In the current bug, the players can play the game without any enemies (which is funny to see). Now, the play button won’t appear except if there’s at least one enemy in the waiting room. 
  4. Layering bug. Sometimes objects on the map (Beartrap, spring) were in the wrong order. 

    Decreasing bot's thinking duration. 

    Right now, the bots are taking too much time when making a move. So, we reduced the waiting time to 3-5 seconds. 


    We plan to add a feature to choose the region where the player will be playing. We hope this feature can help players find each other. The menu to change the region will appear in the setting. 

    Improving the UI/UX 

    So, it seems that many players are confused with our UI.  Sometimes the players randomly click the button without knowing what the button is supposed to do.  Other times, they don’t know how to use a card. This is because our UI isn’t intuitive enough, so we want to fix this. 

    There are many things we add to solve this problem. First, now we have a targeting system. Now if we click a card, the card will appear in the middle of the screen and all functions that the player can use will be shown. 

    In this example, we want to use the Pepper Shaker card. So, we click the card, and the card will appear with the “Use Card” and “Discard” buttons. 

    The screen also will be darkened when the player targets another player to make things easier to grasp. 

    Since a lot of players don’t understand about AP system, we also highlight the usable card now with a glowing effect. In this picture, the Swap card isn’t highlighted because the AP isn’t enough. 

    When we select the card, we also highlight the AP number at the bottom left corner with a red blip animation if it’s not enough. 

    We're always working to make our game the best it can be, and we're committed to fixing any bugs or issues that may arise. So, if you have any suggestions or found any bugs, just hit us on our social media or Discord. Thanks for your support and stay tuned for the next update. 

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