DADOO's March Devlog: Not April Fools' Edition

Hello, welcome to our second development log. 

The second public build for DADOO, build 64, includes the improvements that we already mentioned in our previous devlog: decreasing the bot's loading time, the region system, and the new targeting system.  

However, they aren't the only improvements in the build. Here are some of what we add in build 64: 

New Knockback System 

In our game, the player can’t be in the same tile. So, when a player moves to a tile that is already occupied, the player who occupied first will be knocked back 1 tile. 

In the previous build, we sent the player back to the nearest neutral tile. This was because when it came to a certain not-neutral tile (the spring tile), the knockback system could lead to a bug where the players were trapped in an infinite loop. Like this: 

Dormamu, I come to bargain 

In this new build, we modified the spring tile so it would be inactive for 1 turn after it was used. That way, the player won’t be stuck in limbo. 

The spring become inactive to avoid Dr.Strange’s third-act scenario

Because of this, we use the usual knockback system for the spring tile from now on. Just 1 tile back, no more than that. 

Targeting Yourself With Debuff 

This is the most fun change, and the one that leads to more chaotic moments. 

In our new build, you can attack yourself with status cards. Yes, now it’s possible to debuff yourself if you think it will lead to victory, or if you want to simply troll other people. 

Here’s one example from our playtest session with Arya from AGI (Asosiasi Game Indonesia, which is an organization for Indonesian Game Developers). Here, Guest9807 wanted to troll Danini who used a magnet card on her, so she used Confuse card and made Danini move backward. 

 Why so serious?! 

Of course, this feature could be used for strategic purposes. For example, you want to go to a ladder tile that is located behind you. You can use Confuse card so that you can move backward. Or a player attacks you with a Confuse card and you want to avoid rolling the dice. Just put a Stun card on yourself so you can’t do anything. Pretty smart, right? 

Log-in Page 

Since this game aims to be a free-to-play game on mobile, we realize that sooner or later we’re going to make a log-in page. So, we created this function early to test some functionality. 

For now, it’s just a normal log-in page. There's no need to verify the account. If you don’t want to make an account, you also can play as a guest. 

Bug Fixes (and New Bugs) 

Of course, there are still bugs here and there. Fortunately, the major bug that happened when playing the game for the second time has gone. This one is a major headache for us because we want to see if the first-time players will play the game for the second time. But the bug happened, and they just went away. So now, we fix that. 

There’s a new bug though. In this new build, the maximum AP now is capped at 3. This isn’t supposed to happen. We just experimented around with some settings (We’ll talk about this later), but we forgot to bring them back. For now, the cards that use 4 AP can’t be used. It’s not game-breaking, so no worries. 

You can't use the swap card because the AP is capped at 3 for now.

Another bug that we found is that we want to target a player using the player list on the top left of the screen, and there is a player that happened behind the UI, the one targeted is the player behind the UI. For example, here we wanted to target player Ruben. via the player list. However, the player that took the hit was Johanna_29 who happened to be behind that UI.

Plan for Our Next Build 

They’re pretty much the obvious bug that we found. But what about our plan for the next build? 

We’ve been experimenting with the tile system lately. One of our plans is to add bonuses to some tiles. The number of neutral tiles will be decreased, and some tiles could give you a certain bonus like AP bonuses, extra cards, or just random buffs. 

This is also why we capped the max AP to 3 per turn instead of 5. It’s because the extra AP will be provided by bonus tiles.  

We also plan to add the remarks system. You actually can see that in one of the previous tweets. So, to make it easier to know who’s attacking whom, we add character remarks on the top left so it’s clear who’s creating the mischief, and who’ll make it personal.  

Those improvements come with a new problem though. One of the followers on our social media pointed out that now the game arena is just too crowded. It’s true. We need to simplify the arena a little bit. At least, the map should be pleasing to your eyes. 

Speaking of maps, we also plan to add one more too. Here are some concept arts: 

Other than that, we also plan to release the mobile version soon. This is also the reason why we focus on the sign-in page: we want to check if we can bind the mobile version with the Google account. So far, there’s still a complication with the mobile version, but we hope it can be fixed soon. 

The final addition that we are also planning is the custom deck system. Yes, you can edit the default deck to your liking. Want to create a deck that only consisted of shuffle cards? Or maybe make a deck that focuses on trolling other players? You can customize your deck and bring it to a game. We want the player to have freedom in how they’ll play. So, the new deck system will be our focus. 

In the end, we want to encourage all the players to create their own chaos and have fun. We believe that the players can have some fun if they can use cards not just for winning, but also for trolling other players. Of course, we also need your feedback. Just try our game and tell us what we can improve for the next update. In the end, have fun, and be chaotic! 


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